The database contains:

  • 56544 CRCs
  • 20246 disk name entries
  • 46404 content entries
  • 49231 lines in the gamelist
Atari ST Disk Image Database

The ST disk image database is maintained by the ST TOSEC ( database maintainer Keili. It contains the contents of all the common (and loads of uncommon) disk images that you can download.

Click here to download the latest database (released 10/12/05)

Extract the file to the directory that contains Steem. Now you can right-click on a disk image in Steem's disk manager to find the contents of it automatically. You can also search for a program in the database by clicking on the disk image management tools button ().

Using the database with Steem

Here's how the database works when you've set it up. Say you've just downloaded the mysterious file A_007.ST.

Right-click on the file and choose "Get Contents".

A box pops up telling you that the disk is "Automation 7" and which games are on it. You can make multiple links to these games, so that you can find them easily from Steem's disk manager. Just choose a folder in the dialog box and select "Create".

There are now multiple links to the disk, named after the games on it.

You can also use the database to find out which compilation disks contain a particular game. Just press F9 in the disk manager.

Typing "Bomb" into the box reveals that Bomb Jack is on Automation 16. To find places on the internet where you might be able to download the disks you find using this feature, have a look at Steem's links page.


Many thanks to Keili for all his time and effort creating and maintaining the database.

Please help - from Keili

In the gamelist are still many images with unknown content. If you know the content of one (some, many) disk-series in the list, please mail it to the Steem authors. The contents will be added ASAP to the list.
If you have images that are not in the list, please contact the Steem Authors. They'll be able to tell you where to send the images so we can make this list as complete as possible.
I only included series here, not single disk.

Here's the list:

AtariForce Inform Disk
Blues Boys Mod Disk
Dodgysoft Menu
Energetic Service Compil
Golden Dawn PD
Grazeys Zak Music Hacks Disk (do you have a list?)
Great Sample Collection
Hemoroids Speedy Pack
Hit Disk Issue
Interstellar PD CD
Maggie Issue
Mega Illusive Gif Collection
Module Compilation
New Power Generation Demo CD
Section One Menu Disk
Serious Mod Disc
The Source Menu
ST Amiga Dual Format Coverdisk
ST Collection
ST Magazine
ST News
ST-Plug Issue
Start Magazine
Stax Compact Disk
Stosser Issue
Stranger Intro Compil
Stuff Disk
Supremacy Demo CD
Syndicate Menu Disks
TBC Intro Compil
Timelords of London Menu
Toxic Magazine
Undercover Magazine
Zoxxed Thinxx Collection