To make Steem more easy to use, we've made it possible for the program to be translated into languages other than English.

Get Involved

We need bilingual Steem users to help us out. First of all, we need foreign-language pages for the Steem website so that people can download it without having to learn English first. Then we need people to translate the program for us. Click here to see what should be on a foreign language page for Steem. You can add to the page if you like, as long as you don't remove any of the key points. We don't mind what format you create the page in (text or HTML) as long as it is clear where the links are so we can make them work. If you want to edit the HTML directly then the best way is to right click on this link and select "Save Target As..", this will preserve all the formatting of the HTML making it easier to edit. When you have finished e-mail it to us and we'll upload it as soon as we can.

Click here to download the list of text to be translated. Full instructions are included, and your hard work will be rewarded by a credit in the program, as well as the admiration of your countrymen!

How it Works

When Steem is run, it looks for a file called Translate.txt, or Translate_*.txt, in the same directory. This file contains translations of the text which Steem displays in its dialog boxes. If it finds the file, it uses it to present its interface in the new language.


Here are all the people who have helped us translate Steem so far, many thanks to you all:

  • Gabriel Huertas (aka Dr. WorST) - Spanish translation and web pages
  • Rémi Bara - French translation and web pages
  • Torsten Keltsch (aka mOdmate/CheckPoint) - German translation and web pages
  • Dima Sobolev - Russian translation and web page
  • Arnaldo Abrantes - Portugese translation and web page
  • Joao Manatas - Portugese translation
  • Luciano Palladino - Italian translation and web page
  • Metallo - Polish translation and web page
  • Enrico Motta - Dutch translation and web page
  • Themis Papassilekas (aka Gryzor) - Greek translation and web page
  • Marko Latvanen - Finnish translation and web pages
  • Harald Brorson - Norwegian translation and web page
  • Yoko Yamaki - Loads of Dutch translations
  • Pavel Puchala - Czech translations and web page
  • Daniel Nylander - Swedish translations and web page