This is the page where you can download the Steem Engine. We are regularly updating Steem with bug fixes and new features.

For Steem to run you need two things, the program itself and an image of the ST's operating system (TOS). There are lots of versions of TOS, and different ones for every country. The ones we recommend are TOS 1.02 for games and TOS 2.06 for GEM applications.

Click here to download the United Kingdom versions of TOS 1.02 and 2.06 (230Kb)

We strongly recommend that American users of Steem use the UK TOS versions for games and demos. Most available ST programs were designed for the European market and lots have problems with the NTSC screen mode (60Hz) that the US version uses by default. The only time you really need a USA TOS is when using a word processor or another typing-related application.

Click here to download the USA versions of TOS 1.02 and 2.06 (230Kb)

French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Swiss-German versions of TOS are available from Avtandil's TOS Page and PlanetEmu.

Now you have the OS you must get the machine:

Download Steem 3.2 for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP (608Kb)

Download XSteem 3.2 for Linux (486 compatible processor and X required) (1.3Mb)

Download Steem SSE (more recent fork) for Windows or Linux.

Just download the zip file, decompact it to the directory you want Steem to live in and run Steem. If you have an older version of Steem all you have to do is replace its files with the ones from the archive, your previous configuration will be kept. If you are new to Steem, take a look at the beginners' guide for information on getting started.

Steem comes with lots of help, but it is in plain text format. If you want a user-friendly version Jacek Bogucki has created a great HTML help version.
Click here to download the compiled HTML help file

Since v3.2 Steem can recognise lots of disk images and automatically retrieve their contents. See the database page for full details.

MSA Converter is a great free Windows program that can be used to quickly convert, edit and view disk images and archives. Steem's disk manager integrates with MSA Converter to perform useful functions like extracting the contents of a disk image to a hard drive and converting a zip containing ST files into a disk image. Click here to visit the MSA Converter website.

If you want Steem to be able to save screenshots in formats other than BMP then click here to download the FreeImage library v2.5.3 (321Kb). Decompact the zip file to a folder called "FreeImage" in your Steem directory (Windows users only). Please note newer versions of FreeImage don't currently work with Steem.

If you have some experience of programming on an ST or knowledge of 68000 assembler it would be a great help if you could find the cause of a bug, if you want to try download Steem's debug build from the programmers page.

Last Update

Date: 22/10/2004
Version: 3.2

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Steem should automatically tell you when an update is available (Windows only), but if you are behind a firewall or never run Steem while connected to the internet you may want to join the Steem update announcement mailing list, then you will get an e-mail when a new version is ready.

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