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Steem is an open source Atari STE emulator for Windows and Linux. It runs almost every ST program ever made without any problems. Steem is designed to be easy to use and has many unique features. Whether you want to run great old games, use MIDI apps just like you did on the ST or you have some other, more sinister motive, Steem is the emulator for you!

To learn how to get Steem up and running read the beginners' guide.

If you're interested in the on-going development, you can access the source code and the project forum to see what's going on.

Steem was originally developed by Anthony and Russ Hayward. We haven't updated it since 2004 and we released the source code as open source in 2011. "Steven Seagal" has forked and continued to develop and improve Steem - see the Steem SSE SourceForge Page for more details.

12th April 2015 - Open Source Steem moved to Github

Steem has outlived Google Code and so we have migrated it to Github.

If you would like to be a committer to the project, send us your github username and we will add you.

11th August 2011 - Open Source Steem

Steem is now an open source project, hosted at Google Code.

We also now have a dedicated discussion forum where you can talk about ideas for further development, ports, forks, etc.

Steem dev forum at Atari Forum

There are further discussions here:

Steem forum at Atari Forum

If you would like to be a committer to the project, send us your gmail address and we will add you.

16th January 2006 - Database update

Another update to the comprehensive disk image database by Keili see the database page for more details.

10th December 2005 - Database update

A new version of the disk image database is available with many new disks added. Many thanks again to Keili for his hard work. The new version includes:

  • 55102 CRCs
  • 19525 disk name entries
  • 41460 content entries
  • 45060 lines in the gamelist

Go to the database page to download.

22nd October 2004 - v3.2

Steem v3.2 has finally been released. There are quite a few bug fixes plus great new features:

Emulation Bugs

  • Rewrote DMA sound again (Badger Demo and lots of other STE programs).
  • Fixed some CPU bugs (Wrath of the Demon, Zoolook).
  • Fixed read-only disk image read sector bug (thanks Jorge).
  • Fixed big frame bug (War Heli, thanks Jorge again).
  • Fixed byte palette bug (lots of mono programs).
  • Fixed current time seconds bug.
  • Fixed FDC bug (Chaos Strikes Back Replicants crack).
  • Fixed FDC IO access bug (White Spirit Demo).
  • Allowed programs to set the time/date (Sewer doc displayer).
  • Lots and lots of other stuff (cheers Jorge).

Other Bugs

  • Made Steem work again on Windows 95.
  • Fixed multiple save over last snapshot undo bug.
  • XSteem: Improved non-English keyboard mappings.

New Features

  • Pasti copy-protected disk image library support (Pasti library will be released soon).
  • Disk image database: easy detection of the contents of disk images (thanks to Keili for all his work).
  • Vastly improved VSync.
  • Undo last reset and undo last load snapshot options.
  • XSteem: More features in disk manager.
  • XSteem: Web links have returned (and they work now).
  • XSteem: Added RtAudio library sound.
  • Debug: Lots of stuff.

The new version is available from the download page. Also make sure you download the disk image database to enable some of the new features.

13th March 2004 - v3.1

This is a bit sooner than intended but Steem v3.1 has been released. Mostly this version is here to fix a few small bugs that appeared in v3, but we fixed a few more old bugs while we were at it.

Emulation Bugs

  • Hard drive Pexec mode 4 bug (Devpac, Turbo Assembler).
  • Hard drive double intercept bug.
  • Hard drive seek bug (Spacola).
  • Joystick fire when mouse enabled bug (Starglider).
  • More unusual characters allowed in hard drive filenames.
  • Fixed hard drive file times.
  • Video address write bug (Ambition Demo, Apathetic Games).

Other Bugs

  • Fixed NT LPT port access slowdown.
  • Fixed port repeating output byte when offline bug.
  • Extract archive to hard drive folder bug fixed.

New Feature

  • Take screenshot button

Go to the download page to get the new version.

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